cricket betting tips 5 Top Tips to Win More at Sports Betting

cricket betting tips 5 Top Tips to Win More at Sports Betting
Posted on 2020-12-21

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5 Top Tips to Win More at Sports Betting

Have you had enough of losing your money to the bookies? Then check out these five tips on how to beat the bookmaker cricket betting tips.
1. Claim Free Bets
There are many, many bookmakers out there competing for you business and most of them will offer you a free bet. This free bet will typically be for £20 to £100 (or your currencies equivalent) depending upon the bookie. By taking advantage of all these free wagers you really can put things in your favor when embarking in sports betting. Look at the free bet as a way of subsidizing your betting provided by the person you are betting against! cricket betting tips.

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There are often conditions involved with the free wager but they are not as difficult to meet as what the casinos and poker sites have to offer. You rarely have wagering requirements (other than the first bet) and the free bet betting sites will be credited to your account once you have placed the initial qualifying bet. One of the main things to look out for is the minimum odds at which your bet must be placed at to receive the free bet. One betting sites bookie might insist that you place a bet at odds of 2.0 to qualify, while another might say the odds must be at least 1.0. Make sure you check the terms and conditions before attempting to qualify for a free wager cricket betting tips.
2. Use Odds Comparison Software cricket betting tips.
Why would anyone not want to win as much as they can from a bet? You would think betting sites that everyone would, but the majority of people still do not compare betting odds before placing a wager. Again, with the sheer volume of bookies on the market, the difference of odds available can be huge. By choosing one without checking the market, you could be missing out on ALOT of money. The quick and easy way to compare odds is to use odds comparison software to check the best return in real time. It is such a quick and easy thing to do that it is a wonder that not everyone does it cricket betting tips.
3. Bet on what you Know
If you are serious about sports betting then make sure you only bet on the sports you are betting sites knowledgeable on. If you know nothing about basketball, but loads about cricket, then just place bets on the cricket markets cricket betting tips.

cricket betting

4. Use Odds Matching Software
There is a new piece of software out there called Odds Matcher that basically manipulates betting sites bookmakers so you can betting sites receive hundreds of pounds in free bets with no risk required. The way it works is by highlighting bets you can lay with an exchange and back with a bookie where there is no loss potential. For each bookmaker you do this with you will receive a free bet and again - there is no chance of you losing a penny cricket betting tips.
5. Follow Betting Tips
There are a whole shed load of sites out there offering betting tips and it is important to distinguish the good betting sites from the bad cricket betting tips. For example, you do not want to be following guidance provided by a ten year old on his old man's computer cricket betting tips. Check betting sites out the Racing Post, Sporting Life, and, all of which have some very seasoned betting betting sites professionals betting sites writing for them cricket betting tips.

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